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Monday, December 14, 2009

Exploring ping.fm and hootsuite.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

BONUS Content Arrives!

Okay, so here we go... now I don't think I can do this kind of stuff all the time, but here it goes... I will send one of these limited edition Malicious thinkTank hats to the FIRST FIVE commenters to this post. So if you want a hat, leave a post :) I will need a way to get a hold of you, so leave some kind of info [not your address, we can take care of that off-line]. Once you post, you can email me bob[at sign]maliciousthinktank[dot]com.

MTT, inc launches blogger site

in my never-ending quest to learn more about building search engine ranking and drive traffic, i have re-activated my blogger page. The fun thing is that I worked for a few minutes this evening making a template that matches the branding of my business site http://www.maliciousthinktank.com . I am thinking about using this blog to post BONUS content to my other blogs.

Not sure at all what that means, but be on the look-out for that ever-elusive BONUS content.